Hot Off The Grill...

Pipin' Hot is an exciting new jam band fresh out of Fort Collins, CO that lays down potent sonic soundscapes full of transitions, turnarounds and crescendos that pull from a wide array of styles & influence.

Groove-centric and always high energy, Pipin' Hot's open-ended style of music makes every set titillatingly original for audiences both digital and in-person. As strong contributors to the local scene, Pipin' Hot is building a network of friends, fans & family in Northern Colorado and beyond. Contact us for booking information or just to say hi!

lead guitar playing under lights drummer vibing hard under lights Pipin hot gulchfest promo poster
guitarists jamming stageleft funky lights and wooks danncing

Booking Info

Scheduling info, inquiries & more. Don't be afraid to reach out!
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